17 Best Baby Jumpers 2021 {Buying Guide}

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If you are a new parent or a first-time parent, you will be doing and learning little things about him or her. You will be observing and investing in little things and play or physical development playthings for your baby. You may have seen other kids having a fun time at the baby jumper. The baby jumpers or bouncers are playthings or fun activities for babies that they enjoy before standing on their legs. Kids squeal in excitement and happiness when they play this, and you will notice it too. This should be just the signal for you to buy it! 

Unique Characteristics of Baby Jumpers

  • Simple Plaything: These trampolines for babies are simply toys where your child gets to bounce and learn to use their legs too. The contraption consists of a stretchable strap and a seat for the baby to jump up and down.
  • Adjustable Height: You will find that there will be this special feature in the modern brands to help you keep your child as per his or her height. Now the next question is, “When can a baby use a jumper?” This toy is ideal for kids aged 5 or 6 months when they begin to sit up and feel like bouncing all the time.
  • Strong Fittings: The baby jumpers should have strong cables and straps. A jumper has to hold the baby in place though he will constantly be bouncing on the seat. There will need to have a safety strap to keep the baby in place. 

Buying Guide and Factors to Consider For Baby Activity Jumper

  • Weight of the Child: This is the primary factor to consider when buying a jumper. If your baby weighs lesser than the weight limits on the product, you are fine to go. If they weigh more than what is mentioned in the pack, go for a stronger product.
  • Age of the Child: Look for this while selecting the jumpers for babies since it will also impact their growth and physical fitness. The minimum age is 5 months.
  • Types of Bouncers

    • Stationery Jumper: This is a plain one, and your baby can bounce in it. There are no toys or other playthings in it, and large families with kids will love it. 
    • Stationary Activity Jumper: Your baby’s motor skills will improve along with his mind. The toys in this one and music in some branded ones will be a great distraction for your kid.
    • Doorway Jumper: Your kid will enjoy this one that you can clamp on the doorway. This is great for small apartments as you can keep an eye on your child as they are in the doorway. It has elastic straps that you attach to the door frame.

Let us look at the best baby jumpers available online.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Jumpers for Babies

  • [amazon link=”B01EUNA0WK” /]
  • [amazon link=”B00JU949AE” /]
  • [amazon link=”B07DKS5Q4T” /]
  • [amazon link=”B0743KMJ9N” /]
  • [amazon link=”B000LXQVA4″ /]

Best Seller of Best Baby Jumpers

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center Jumper

[amazon box=”B00VDP9EB2″ filterby=”price” description_items=”1″/]

The Skip Hop Baby Activity Center Jumper is the best skip hop jumper currently and leads the list. The product is ideal for 4 months or more children and can offer more than 25+ development activities. It has a supporting foot platform to adjust to the height of a child. This jumper is phthalate-free, and it is easy to clean too. The best reason for the kids to love this is the presence of four cute and movable toys that include peekaboo clouds, wobbly lamb with rattle beads, and more. The kid is sure to find a lot of fun and give the stressed-out parents some peace. The adjustable height is another notable feature for your kid. 

Key Features

  • Can convert to play table with a chalkboard surface
  • 360-Degree rotating seat with stretchable straps
  • Includes toy loops for fastening toys
  • Detachable legs for easy storage
  • Discovery window to let kids play piano

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

[amazon box=”B000LXQVA4″ filterby=”price” description_items=”1″/]

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is another top infant jumper and comes in 100% recyclable packaging to brighten up the moment for kids. The jumperoo has exciting music to play every time your baby hops in the jumper. If that is not enough, the jumper comes with a holistic gaming option with cute toys for your babe. These toys include a peek-a-boo tiger toy, a monkey, and more. These will engage the kids and keep them busy. Besides this, the baby jumper comes with 3 different positions for adjusting heights. There is no need to use this only at the doorway, but if you prefer to position it in the door frame, it is possible. The fabric is soft and has softer edges to make your baby feel comfortable. The seat pad is easy to maintain. 

Key Features

  • 3 adjustable heights
  • Can be fit on the door frame
  • Rotational seat 
  • Extended frame overhead for stretching out a canopy

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

[amazon box=”B01EUNA0WK” filterby=”price” description_items=”1″/]

Do you seek to get the best in baby Einstein Jumper? You might be aware that the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper is the best choice in the market. The jumper comes with a unique ocean theme. There are cute underwater creature toys to give your child enough company. You will be able to introduce colors and letters to kids. You may even attach the baby’s favorite toys in the extra loops for your kid to feel comfortable. The brand has always been keen on innovation, and hence, it also improves the child by giving them numbers and letters toys. Additionally, the bouncy seats are easy to use and clean. Don’t worry about the heights since the product comes with seats and toy stations come with 4 height positions. The bouncy seat swivels from one toy to the other. 

Key Features

  • Easy to wipe and clean toy stations
  • The baby jumper Seat cover is easy to maintain
  • 4 Different adjustable positions and heights
  • Introduces colors and numbers to kids

Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

[amazon box=”B071ZSFWCG” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

Your quest for the best baby jumperoo ends with the Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo. It comes with a seat to help your kid move 360-degrees. It is ideal for your excited little one to bounce and grab the toys playfully. There are different toys too, to encourage your child to explore and know more about the world. The toys include a high-flying toucan, a giraffe, and more. These are enough to entertain your child. Along with that, every time your baby hops and jumps in this jumper, they get to see bright colors flashing. If that is not enough, there are playful music in the background to enliven their mood and make them jump more. This jumper can give the child sensory development and improve his tactile senses along with gross motor skills.  

Key Features

  • Toys to play
  • Peppy music plays every time the baby jumps
  • Small mirror attached for the child 
  • Great for muscular development
  • 3 different height positions
  • Removable and machine-wash pads

Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo

[amazon box=”B07H618PK4″ filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

As you look for the fancy baby activity jumper, the Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo is ideal for your child. The free-standing jumper can allow your child to turn 360-degrees around. This animal-themed plaything comes with all the fun and musical instruments to entertain and keep the child happy as he or she bounces. Make sure to adjust the seat as per the child’s height, as you can go for three different heights. There are funny toys of alligators, pandas, elephants, and more animals to wow your child on the seat. Your baby is sure to enjoy listening to the twinkling music, and his days are going to be lit! The toy can stimulate the senses of the child with music and colors. 

Key Features

  • Cute swinging toys to entertain your kids
  • Removable and washable seat pads
  • Removable and take-along toys too
  • Ideal for balancing and improved motor skills

Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s Activity Toy

[amazon box=”B01J94K9OY” filterby=”price” description_items=”1″/]

Are you looking for more activities for your kid as he sits on the jumper? The Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s Activity Toy is an optimum choice for him as the cute and handy baby jumper seats. This jumper comes with four cute and brightly colored toys that are also removable. Here, your child can find as many as 25 plus activities. The jumper can be put to use through the baby’s growing months. The 360-degree rotational seat allows your child to turn and find great excitement all around. The discovery window will be the best entertainment for your child as they can see the foot pedestal’s piano keys. The more they move, the more music they produce in this pretty activity jumper. There are easy loops to fit in the baby’s favorite toys and remove them too. The jumper comes with legs and is suitable for babies from the age of four months or more. 

Key Features

  • Grow with me feature to make jumpers to table
  • Toy attachment with clasps 
  • Discovery windows
  • Removable seat covers and toys

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

[amazon box=”B00JU949AE” filterby=”price” description_items=”2″/]

This Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is an ideal choice for the people with the best jumpers. There are 12-interactive activates to entertain your child with music and bright toys. If you wish your child to learn a new language, this is the best choice since they can learn English, French, and Spanish. The product has toy stations for you to wipe with a damp cloth. The seat cover is ideal for machine wash. There are five adjustable heights to allow your child to stand without bending their leg. Your child will find the 360-degree seat rotation to look forward to and have fun with. There are extra links to help you add the toys with ease. The babies will not miss their favorite toys, and you, too, will hear them have fun with music and toys on their cheap baby jumpers. 

Key Features

  • No doorway required 
  • Place it anywhere 
  • Musical instruments and toys to entertain your child
  • 12 activities to explore and 3 play stations

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

[amazon box=”B0153QBFJ0″ filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

Treat your child to the best baby jumper for sale with the Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper. The jumper comes with a Nemo rollerball toy station and more fun. There are famous characters from the world of Nemo himself! So, there are Pearl, Tad, and Mr. Ray, which are also removable. There is one starfish link loop where you can add your baby’s favorite toy so that they are all one happy family. Let your child enjoy the underworld mysteries. The product comes with strong buckles and green straps. This Disney’s Finding Nemo-themed jumper will be with your baby even as he grows fast as there are four adjustable heights too. The light and music show can keep the child happy and feel blissful. 

Key Features

  • Interactive tummy toy lights and plays music
  • Ideal for ages 6 months plus
  • The strong buckles keep the baby in place
  • 13 plus engaging games and activities

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

[amazon box=”B06WRSH2MY” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

Did you look for a bright musical toy or activity center where they learn music while bouncing? The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper. The product can brighten up your baby’s mood with the music playing in the activity center. The 360-degree rotating seat can help your child to have an all-around look. Introduce your child to guitar, drums, piano, and tambourine as they are all removable for them to sit and play whenever they feel like it. Your child will have great fun playing the electronic bongo drums as they light up with every beat. It’s an activity center for your kids to enjoy some quality time as they play. There is enough place for your kids to stand or move around. It is an ideal choice of a jumper if you wish to introduce the kids to like and appreciate music from a tender age. 

Key Features

  • Sensory activities-including music
  • Bright music-based toys for kids
  • 360-degree rotational seat
  • Removable toys

Fisher-Price 3-IN-1 Spin and Sort Activity Center:

[amazon box=”B07YVTYGJD” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

New parents looking for a more stationary option will find the Fisher-Price 3-IN-1 Spin and Sort Activity Center as the right choice. The best jumper comes with over 10 plus gaming options and 4 pods. The seat pad is removable for machine wash, and you can remove the legs for easy storage. These four pods are removable, and it is easy to rearrange. Simply stand and spin in the center of the action. The convertible center is ideal for growing with your child from infancy to his or her toddler years. You can sort the plate and keep them on the floor. These are great for entertainment as your baby will get plenty of gaming fun with every pod. There are bright toys and the mobility of 360-degrees for the kids to sit and enjoy. 

Key Features

  • Kids can improve and move around
  • 4 removable pods
  • Shape sorter for entertaining kids
  • Bright colors and music to play

Summer Pop’n Jump Portable Activity Center

[amazon box=”B01FHSTUIW” filterby=”price” description_items=”1″/]

What will you find special in Summer Pop’n Jump Portable Activity Center? You will find all the features that set the jumpers for babies special in this brand. Firstly, light in weight bouncer means you can carry it around wherever you go. It is handy and comes with a bag to easily lug it around as you head out to the beach. But don’t worry about the sun, as there will be a UV canopy to save you from the sun’s harsh rays. Just pop it out and pull the shade for him to enjoy the pleasant outdoors. Your infant will be busy in his activity center as there are several toys available. It takes a few seconds to unfold it and spread it out. Also, there is a spinner ball and a teether so that he may enjoy his ‘me-time’. 

Key Features

  • Baby jumper seats pop and fold design
  • Comes with a travel bag for easy mobility
  • Portable jumper seats get 3 height adjustments
  • Mirror and toys inclusive

Skip Hop O Explore & More Jumpscape

[amazon box=”B075XP1VS2″ filterby=”price” description_items=”2″/]

The Skip Hop O Explore & More Jumpscape is a new-age solution for small families. As a modern parent living in apartments, you may look for a space-saving baby jumper walker. With the 360 degrees rotating saucer seat, your baby can sit, swivel, and play without any problem. The clip-on toys are easy to remove and attach. The child would get to learn several games necessary for his growth and more skills. We love the Light up Cloud, which brightens up space with colorful lights and sounds. There is an applause sound, too, that rings when your kid bounces for the 100th time! Every jump is an achievement. Furthermore, you can carry it around wherever you want, and your baby does not miss out on any fun that way too. 

Key Features

  • Foldable and easy for storage
  • Leaf teethers are attached to the seat
  • Get up to 5 heights 
  • Four spring capsules to emit colorful lights when baby hops and bounces
  • Get 20 plus activities

Disney Minnie Mouse Peekaboo Activity Jumper

[amazon box=”B01GRXYI6K” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

We all love Disney and so make your child adore and grow up with them too by going for this Disney Minnie Mouse Peekaboo Activity Jumper. This is an option you can check out while contemplating, “When can a baby use a jumper?” The familiar Minnie Mouse with her bright pink bow is there on the seat and everywhere else. Your baby gets as many as 12 different toys with extra loops for you to add their favorite here. The electronic toy station has Minnie-designed lights. Listen to the babies squeal in joy as space lights up and Minnie tunes come into the best jumper for baby. Let your child have the time of his life as this saucer-type seat has all his playthings for company! 

Key Features

  • Give a wipe with a damp cloth 
  • Give machine wash to the fabric
  • 360 degrees seat revolution for the baby to move
  • The minimum age is 6 months

Fisher-Price 3-IN-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center

[amazon box=”B076TDRFWN” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

Grab the Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center if you are looking for baby jumpers for sale. The 3-in-1 setup allows the parents to get 3 ways of setting up the child’s gaming area. Our first choice is the playmat that is easy to spread on the floor for the infants who are still too young to stand up. Once they start sitting up, you may arrange the activity center. Their seats get a 360-degree seat for them to bounce and jump in joy. Don’t forget to adjust the baby jumper walker to the height of your child. The elaborate roller ramp is a great toy for your child to play with as he watches toys and other bugs slide down. 

Key Features

  • Safely fit the playmat to the activity center
  • Get take-along baby teether and toys
  • 3 adjustable heights 
  • Music and light effects to brighten up

Minnie Mouse Peek-A-Boo Foldable Baby Girl Activity Jumper

[amazon box=”B07NDYSY6T” filterby=”price” description_items=”3″/]

As a parent, you will love the Leikf 3-IN-1 Baby Jump Multi-Function Activity Center if you are looking for jumpers for babies. Your child will be able to bounce and play while also relaxing on the rocking chair. They may also see the piano keys on the foot pedestal and enjoy playing it through the discovery window. Convert the seat with the tabletop from a seat as your child grows from an infant to be a toddler. The All-in-one activity center gives a holistic playtime and activity for your child. Did we also say there are cute owls, and cartoon turntables and other high-quality toys for the baby to find himself in wonderland? There is also a musical organ for you to attach to the top or bottom of the baby jumperoo. 

Key Features

  • Five removable toys
  • High Quality polyester body
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Get 3 different styles of activities 

Oribel PortaPlay 4-IN-1 Foldable Travel Activity Center

[amazon box=”B00Y1QE1FE” filterby=”price” description_items=”2″/]

Kids learn a lot from Oribel PortaPlay 4-IN-1 Foldable Travel Activity Center since they grow while playing with cute toys. The activity center can easily set up with removable legs that make it easy to fold and store even under the bed. Your kid will be able to get all the activities that promote cognitive development and motor skills. Did we also say the quality of toys is high, meaning the child gets to play safe and enjoy himself too? The covers of this gaming activity allow you to transform this best jumper for a baby into a table. Light in weight, the play center is easy to carry as you travel. In short, your child can enjoy this from infancy to toddler years. 

Key Features

  • Fold with a single click
  • Travel-ready and compact design
  • Slight bounce and jump facility 
  • 360 degrees seat for overall motor skills

Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper Activity Center

[amazon box=”B07DKS5Q4T” filterby=”price” description_items=”2″/]

Treat your child with the best baby jumpers with the Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper Activity Center. Your child’s eyes will gleam whenever they bounce, and music comes. They get enough space to sit, and the 360 degrees rotation or swivel action gives them more freedom to explore. Give your baby the first steps to learning, and that too, with a lot of fun. Adjust the baby jumpers to 4 different heights in this adventure-themed activity center. This means you will not have to worry about the kid’s height as he or she sits here. The toy stations are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Also, don’t worry about the seat pad after use as you will wash it in the machine. Let your kids be friends with cute toys from the forests or underwater in this Baby Einstein jumper. 

Key Features

  • More than 12 activities for kids
  • Multi-sensory activities 
  • Spinning globe plays music from different instruments
  • Travel-themed activities

How to Make the Jumpers Safer for the Kid? 

Suspenders in the baby jumper will give the elasticity and add to the bounce. Also, look for any wear or tear of the suspenders and after a while of use. Replace them to avoid any mishaps as they may break with age. These should hold your baby’s weight. Do not leave the child unattended in these baby jumpers since they may be excited or may even fall out of them. Check the doorframe’s strength and not go for this variety if you live in an old house or a house with a poor doorframe. Check the seat fabric and how strong it is before placing your child in it. Your child should not be too big for it since he may climb out of it and fall too. Look for the reputed brands of jumpers like the Baby Einstein jumper that uses strong fabric and material. 

What to Check out While Setting up a Jumper?

You might have made your home child-safe and padded up every place. This is even more essential when they begin crawling on all fours. Likewise, set up the best baby jumpers on a flat surface and remove any sharp objects or rough obstacles on the floor. Do not keep it on the staircase landing or near pools. Keep the baby jumper with legs on a flat surface and under the vigilant care of an adult only. Remember to wash and clean dry the toys of the baby jumperoo from time to time. Do not keep the jumper outdoors if it is too sunny or the jumper does not have the option for a canopy overhead. While buying, check the age group and height adjustments since it should not be too high or too low for a child. 

What is the Difference between a Jumper and a Walker?

A baby jumper walker and an infant jumper are slightly different from each other. A walker will be ideal for helping the child take his first steps. On the other hand, the jumper may be just for giving the baby a fun time jumping or bouncing. To motivate them, there are jingling tunes and colorful lights that light up. Moreover, the kids will be able to move around using the walker with wheels. However, the walker will help the kids move around as he stands, while the jumper will allow his legs muscles to develop even if you use just for a few minutes every day.

Is it safe to use baby jumpers?

While many people claim the baby jumpers to be not good for the babies, many others state this to be ideal at moderate use. Your child will find it fun to jump, and their leg muscles will get better development than they get by simply lying on the bed. They would get their quota of leg exercise, much needed for their limbs at that age. In the jumpers, your child will be able to bounce up and down as the baby kicks off the floor.

My baby is not yet able to support his head. Should I put him in the jumper yet?

No, if he cannot support or balance his head, do not make him sit on the jumper. This might only cause him to hurt his neck muscles in the process. They should be able to steady up their heads before they are ready for the baby jumpers. Kids in their 4th month or above will have steady heads and be ready for the jumper. Some may take a little more time and so it is advisable to wait for that time.

What should you take care of while using the doorway jumpers?

The baby doorway jumper will need you to clamp the jumper in the doorway. But make sure to adjust the height of a child with the jumper. It is necessary to get jumpers to match the baby’s weight. Do not leave the child unattended to the doorway jumper and keep him in it only for a maximum of 15 minutes. It is not a swing, so do not push your baby when he is in it. 

To conclude, we understand that you want nothing but the best for your kid as a parent. Their physical and overall development will only occur when they get the right toys and activity-based toys in the right phase. Choose the most appropriate baby jumpers after reading the reviews of each online to suit your child’s needs and your budget too. 

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