Introduce Amazing Healthy Benefits of Cycling To Your Growing Child

Benefits of Cycling

Do you know how digital addiction is impacting your child’s life? As per Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis, the director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, children are becoming more addicted to the digital world than required. However, in this rapidly advancing digital lifestyle, we can introduce our kids to some health benefitting things like cycling. Yes, cycling will help your child to cut back from getting a complete addiction to technology. It will support them in making a better bond with the outer world. Cycling every day can potentially improve your child’s mental and physical health by making them feel confident to face real-life challenges. If you are looking for a tricycle for your child, you can get the best collection of tricycles for your 4-year kid from ToovKids.  

  1. Best Cardio Exercise: Cycling provides an excellent exercise to the large muscles of your kid’s legs. As cycling enables the leg muscles to exercise, it increases the heartbeat of your child. The increase of heartbeat can accelerate their stamina that supports the cardiovascular muscles to function well. Hence, by cycling regularly, your child can have a healthy heart along with, he or she can manage the body weight. You can encourage your child to enjoy cycling daily as it will keep him or her healthy and active with a strong stamina. We recommend your child should cycle at least ½ an hour to 1 hour daily.
  2. Stress Buster: If your child rides their bike in the park or rides it to their school, he or she may opt to get immense mental benefits. Cycling is proven to be the no.1 stress-buster in both adults and kids. Apart from your child’s hectic and tight schedule where they have to participate in several activities, they can feel stressed and anxious. Thus, encouraging your child to go on a ride every evening after school will help them feel rejuvenated and energetic. Hence, cycling can help your child get relief from the day to day stressful life.
  3. Brainpower and Skills: While riding a bike can be easy yet, it enables your child to learn and develop multiple skills. When your child is cycling, they can develop skills like coordination, pedaling, and controlling. If your child is cycling every day, there will be an increase in blood flow in their brain, which means sufficient nutrition and oxygen, is being transported to the brain. Hence, the kids who ride bikes regularly are sharper than the ones who don’t bike at all. It also results in better mental health of your child.
  4. Focusing Ability: If you see your child facing difficulties in focusing on one thing, it is the right time for you to introduce him to the best tricycle for 3-years-old from ToovKids.  Kids who learn biking at a younger age are seen to be more focused than the ones who start biking late. Cycling needs an immense amount of focus while steering the handle or pedaling. This cycling skill enables your child to learn how to stay focused on everything.  While learning how to bike, your child develops a better focus on everything he wants to accomplish.
  5. Keeps them Active: According to a survey, it is observed that about 65% of kids have become addicted to electronic devices, out of which almost 50% of the kids cannot stay for ½ an hour without using the gadgets. This unhealthy practice will hurt their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Hence, it will make them lazy, inactive, unsocial, and unhealthy. To boost your child’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, you should encourage them to start biking in the neighborhood. Cycling every day for half an hour or more will help your child feel active throughout the day.
  6. Fresh Air, Vitamin D, and Good Sleep: Here is a trick on how your child can get close to nature that will help him or her to get vitamins from nature and a good sleep at night. If your child rides his bike every morning, you can feel assured that they will get loads of vitamin D from the Sun. Getting enough vitamin D will help in the bone development of your child. Similarly, fresh air will help to cleanse their lungs while riding the bicycle early morning. After a good ride, your child will feel tired enough that helps them sleep comfortably at night.
  7. Confidence and Time Management: If you are a busy parent who has a full-time job, taking your child to parks can make you feel burdened and exhausted after a long day at work. But, if your child is old enough and has learnt proper biking skills, you can allow them to take their bikes and ride in nearby areas. It will give you some time to relax as your child will be developing confidence while riding the bike. Cycling alone will support your child to become more independent and confident while biking on his own, along with they will also learn time-management skills to return home on time.
  8. Body Control and Navigation: Suppose, your child is riding his/her bike while going up on the hills or riding fast around the corner by dodging the potholes on the roads. The technique applied by the child while cycling will help him/her learn how to control the body to ride the bike properly and avoid it from falling. Through biking, your child also develops a sense of direction to choose the path while riding their bike back home. Hence, cycling will help them become better navigators and teaches him/her to control the body while biking on rough paths.

Safety Tips for your Kids while Biking

We have discussed some of the best health benefits to encourage your child to start biking. However, you must assure his/her safety by providing them with the best safety gear such as helmet, knee caps, and elbow caps while bike riding. If you are looking for the best bikes for your kid, check out ToovKids.

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