7 Essential Nursery Items Every Parent Should Consider Before Having a Baby

Essential Nursery Items

We all know that the feeling of becoming parents for the first time is full of joy and happiness. But, being a parent also brings in a lot of responsibilities. Picking up the right essential items before your baby comes into your world can be a bit overwhelming. However, you might need to keep the nursery ready once you hear your due date. 

Designing your baby nursery gives every parent a special feeling and can take a few months of preparation. Most parents get confused with a wide variety of products available in the market and buy baby items, which don’t have a practical use. To avoid such unnecessary space gathering items, we are here to help you with the ultimate collection of baby essentials you need for your little munchkin. Have a look for the best and essential baby products available at ToovKids.

  • Convertible Cribs

The first and foremost essential item required for your baby’s comfortable sleep is a convertible crib. Babies need to sleep a couple of hours comfortably and safely for boosting their growth and health. Most babies spend almost 16 to 17 hours in the crib sleeping, playing, or relaxing that is 67% of their day as per Baby Center. Although convertible crib may seem a little big but can be used in the long run. A factor that most parents need to consider before buying a crib is its visibility. It allows the parents to peek and check their baby activities. If you are looking for the best convertible cribs, you should check at ToovKids.

  • Changing Table

If you want a clean and mesh-free nursery, a changing table is a must-buy for your house. A changing table is a versatile piece of furniture that helps you change your baby diaper comfortably without creating a mesh in the nursery room. This piece of furniture is dedicatedly made for changing your baby diaper and is available in multiple colors to match your home decor. Most changing tables come with drawers that allow you to keep the diapers, clothes, and other baby essentials handy. They help you to keep everything organized and are perfect space savers. When looking for the best changing table, you should see if it has height-adjustable settings for your comfort and convenience.

  • Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs are the perfect chairs that allow a newborn’s mother to sit, relax, lean, swivel, and rock while feeding the baby. Ideally, babies need to breastfeed every couple of hours or when the baby is hungry. Having a nursing chair allows a mother to feel relaxed while feeding the baby numerous times in a day. Nursing chairs also help to relax a fussy baby as you can rock back and forth with these chairs. Most parents tend to spend a lot of time on nursing chairs with the baby. Hence, it is a perfect piece of furniture required by the parents and kids. Fortunately, several nursing chairs are available in the market that is affordable, sturdy, and long-lasting. 

  • Firm Mattress

Buying a mattress is as essential as buying a crib for your baby. Since your baby will spend maximum time in their crib, it is necessary to buy a comfortable and firm mattress for your baby to sleep. While the soft mattress may mislead parents featuring comfort for babies, you must opt for a firm mattress that helps to shape your baby head along with it, reducing the risk of baby suffocation. Since mattresses are essential and multi-functional items for your baby nursery, you should check for its quality, durability, and size before buying. You can also use the same mattress in a portable baby bed during the transition period.

  • Waterproof Mattress Covers

Waterproof mattress covers are an essential item to protect the expensive baby mattress from getting wet and dirty. When looking for a mattress cover, you must look for the one that comes with a water-resistant TPU layer. You must check for the material of the mattress cover and opt for non-toxic and vinyl-free fabric. While buying a mattress cover, it should be thin for baby safety and be thick enough to provide warmth and padding. You can opt for a mattress cover that is breathable to allow your child to feel comfortable and non-sweaty. It should be made from hypoallergenic fabric to prevent dust, bed bugs, and mites from reaching your baby.  

  • Baby Monitor

Most parents are working and have a full-time job to do. If you leave your baby alone with the nanny, you must install a baby monitor in your baby nursery. It allows parents to check on their baby anytime they want. It also provides a great sense of relief to new parents sleeping in the other room. With baby monitors’ help, you can stay close to your baby as it allows you to see and hear your baby. As per various researches, most parents are now opting for baby monitors to check their baby’s safety. These baby monitors provide peace of mind to the parents. 

  • Dressers and Drawers

Babies may be small in size yet have many clothes, either gifted or purchased by parents. They also require a change of clothes two to three times a day. Because of so many baby clothes, you need a drawer or a dresser for organizing them. We recommend while opting for a drawer or dresser, you must find one with multiple compartments to keep your baby socks, bibs, clothes, diapers, medicines separately that helps you to find them immediately and saves time. You can also use the same drawer or dresser as a changing pad kit. This essential item is available in different kinds of colors to match your baby nursery room. 

Importance of Nursery Items

Most new parents feel confused about which nursery items to buy and which ones to skip. Thus, the above-mentioned list would guide you to choose the utmost necessary nursery items before your baby’s arrival.

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