15 Best Toddler Bed Rails 2021 {Buying Guide}

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Searching for an option to provide optimum safety to your kids while sleeping? Getting a bed rail is one of the best solutions that can ease your stress from worrying about your kids rolling out of their bed. If you have family members such as kids and adults who are facing difficulties getting out of the bed, repositioning in bed, or are at a higher risk of falling off the bed, considering bed side rails will be the best stress-reliever. We know the importance of toddler bed rails that helps to protect our little one from falling while he or she is transitioning from their crib to a toddler bed.

Why Do People Use Bed Safety Rail For Their Kids?

As your child is growing up older, he or she will no longer fit in their cribs. You will start noticing how uncomfortable they sleep in the cribs that tend to the incomplete sleep of your child. A good sleep is essential for your child health and growth. Sleeping in a smaller bed can make them feel anxious and irritated all day long. Opting for bigger toddler bed is just not enough as it doesn’t assure you the safety of your child.

You must look for toddler bed rails protecting your child from accidentally falling off the bed. Having a toddler bed with rails will 100% assure your child safety and comfort of your child sleeping in his bed. This is an ideal choice for parents who can keep an eye on their baby’s safety without disturbing the child.

Buying Guide For Kids Bed Rail

Full-sized Rail: The full-size toddler bed rail is popular among parents buying them for their young ones. These bed rails for kids are extended from the top of the bed to the bottom. Full-size bed rails are easy to find preventing your child from falling off the bed.

Portable Bumper: The portable crib bumper is free from harmful chemicals and is approved by the FDA. This baby crib bumper is hypoallergenic, helping your child sleep cage-free. They are easy to find and are filled with soft foam, preventing your child from falling.

Crib Cover: A crib rail cover is an essential thing for your babies while they are teething. Babies like to chew onto the crib rails in their teething stage. Having covers on the rails will protect your child as well as the children bed frame. These covers are a safe way to soothe your child’s inflamed gums.

Mesh Material: While getting a bed rail for kids, make sure it is predominantly made of mesh material. In case your child rolls and sleeps along the side of the bed having mesh material on the kids bed rails will provide ventilation to your child while sleeping.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for bed rails for kids

Universal Child Protecting Bed Rail To Fit All Beds

Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System
  • SWING DOWN: The patented swing down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed or removing sheets

For an optimum solution regarding the safety and convenience of your kids while sleeping the Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail provides you with the best toddler bed rails. With this safety bed rails, you will not have to face any troubles while making the bed, as the bed rails can easily swing down.

It comes with the advanced gap trap technology that can be securely attached to the bed to ensure your child to not fall from the bed. You will love this no hassle and no tool required bed rails that are easy to set up while assembling. This easy setup bed rail comes with a durable and long-lasting mesh wall, which is super easy to attach within a few minutes.

[1-Pack] Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

[1-Pack] Toddler Bed Rail Bumper | Bed Bumper for Toddlers | Kids Foam Safety Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers | Bed Side Rail for Twin Bed, Queen, King
  • PASSIVE-SAFETY PROTECTION - Invented at Stanford University based on the principle of "Passive-Safety Protection," the gentle touch of the bumper subconsciously triggers your child's natural "Passive-Safety" response, letting them know they are close to danger and should move away.

Invented at Stanford University, the [1-Pack] Toddler Bed Bumper Rail offers advanced safe crib bedding with bumper than the traditional bed rails made of metal. These new technology toddler bed bumpers are the best sellers and have great reviews from the users. It provides optimum safety and comfort for your sleeping child. Based on the passive-safety protection, this bed rails subconsciously alerts the child from falling off the bed. It is a well-tested high performing and durable product.

This flame-retardant product comes with washable covers that are designed to stay in place even after wash. The perfect height of a bumper protects active sleeper, allowing them to stretch comfortably. With the compact footprint design, this bumper can fit on toddler, twin, king, queen size beds.

Dream On Me, Mesh Security Rail, White

Dream On Me, Mesh Security Rail, White 15 Inch
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The Dream On Me Mesh Security Bed Rail assembles in seconds, thanks to the no-tool assembly. It is lightweight and portable - carry it easily on your travels. It fits adult twin size beds with a minimum mattress height of 10 inches

The lightweight and durable Dream On Me Bed Rail is perfect for you while travelling. You can easily install this safety rail without the need of using any additional tools. The assembly of this portable bed rails can be done within few seconds. These durable bed rails for adults can conveniently fit the adult’s twin size bed that has a minimum height of ten inches.

It comes with a detachable and the changeable table, which is designed to custom fit the one-inch changing pad. These bed rails can be securely attached to the bed with the help of straps. It comes with a width-adjustable mesh that can accommodate your child’s bed. The soft mesh design is breathable allowing proper ventilation while sleeping.

Summer Single Fold Safety Bedrail

Summer Single Fold Safety Bedrail, White, 42.5x21 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Folds down for easy access to the bed or to change linens
  • Accommodates twin to queen sized mattresses and platform beds
  • Measures 42.5" L x 21" H; Minimal assembly required; Meets current ASTM F2085 bedrail standards

Available at an affordable price, the Summer Single Fold Bed Rail can accommodate twin, queen, and platform style beds. If you want a quality product then this bed rails for sale is the best found in the market. These bed rails for toddlers bed can be easily folded when your child wants to get on or off of the bed. The foldable design helps you to change the linens of the bed without wasting your energy.

This minimal assembly bed rails come with a dimension of 42.5″ L x 21″ H that fits your child bed with ease. This high-quality product is designed to meet the ASTM F2085 standards. The secured strap comes with a plastic T in the end for assurance. It comes with a breathable mesh design.

Summer Double Safety Bedrail, Grey

Summer Double Safety Bedrail, Grey
  • Each panel measures 42.5 L x 21 H inches to accommodate thicker mattresses. Accommodates up to 21.02 inches (53.4 cm) wide mattresses
  • Accommodates twin to queen sized mattresses and platform beds. There are two small knobs on the arm of the bedrail. They need to be pushed up and then the rail will fold down

Looking for safe and sturdy bed rails for adults, the Summer Double Grey Bed Rail will fulfil all your requirements. It is the best bed side rails which come with a beautiful grey color. Designed to accommodate twin and queen size mattresses, it is also perfect if you have a platform bed.

This bedrail can easily accommodate thick and wide mattresses with a width of 21.02 inches. The foldable design will fold with a touch of a button placed on the arms of the bed rail. You can fold one side that allows you to conveniently change the bed linen. This design is built to meet ASTM F2085 bedrail standards assuring durability and safety. These bed rails are mainly designed for adult.

hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety
  • ONLY CRIB RAIL THAT FIRMLY ANCHORS TO BED FRAME WITH STEEL CLAMPS for 100% safety. Cannot slip out of place like other crib rails.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY - Hardened steel throughout, and heavy-duty fabrics that will never fray or tear. Design, safety, quality and unsurpassed customer service...that's hiccapop!

The FDA approved toddler crib rails from Hiccapop Convertible Crib Bed Rail is the best-selling bed rail found in the market. Sold over 500,000 units this child bed safety rail has been reviewed well by its users. This crib rail comes with a lifetime guarantee that comes with steel clamps to firmly anchor the railing to the bed.

Ensuring 100% safety, this product is made to stay in its place. Built with high-quality and durable steel frame, the crib rails are designed to last longer. These foldable rails make it easier to convert the crib bed toddler bed. You can assemble the crib rails in just a couple of minutes without needing to use any additional tools. This stress-free product comes with lead-free paint.

MBQMBSS Bed Rails for Toddlers - 60"70"80"Extra Long

Bed Rail for Toddlers 78" L, Infants Safety Bed Guardrail, Baby Protector Rail with Breathable Fabric for Queen / Twin XL / King Size (80-1 Side)
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT --- This safe bed rail has adjustable height, which can be adjusted in the range of 29"-37"(74cm-94cm) after installation, suitable for mattresses of different thicknesses

The tool-free double-sided toddler bed side rails from MBQMBSS Toddlers Extra Long Bed Rail takes about a few minutes for complete assembly. The frame is made with high-quality and durable steel that will last longer than expected. It is a versatile bed rail for twin bed, full-size bed, convertible cribs, and double size beds.

With easy and quick assembly, this bed rail comes with breathable mesh padding. It comes with an extra-long dimension of 70 inches long and 26 inches tall to ensure 100% safety of your baby. These bed rails are recommended for the use of one to five-year-old toddler. For stability, the bed rails are customized with additional straps securing the rails in its place. This abrasion-resistant product comes with non-toxic, lead-free paint.

Regalo Swing Down Crib Rail, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System

The budget-friendly toddler crib rails from Regalo Reinforced Anchor Bed Rail is one of the best-selling products in the market. It is the best kids bed rails that ensure your child safe while sleeping. This safe and sturdy product is made with a solid frame. Designed to provide stability, these bed rails come with anchor straps helping to securely attach to the other side of the bed.

It is one of the tallest bed rails with 16-inch height and 34 inches long. Featuring patented swing down bed rails that can be pivoted down whenever you want. This foldable bed rails will help your child to conveniently get on and off the bed and will help you while changing sheets. This bed rails enables tool-free setup.

Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System
  • HIDEAWAY: The patented HideAway feature allows this bedrail to tuck between the mattress; Out of sight
  • EXTRA LONG: 54-inches long (hinge point) and 20-inch tall for added security.Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach when cleaning

The unique hideaway design from Regalo Hideaway Extra Long Bed Rail is perfect if you don’t like toddler bed rails to be hanging out of the bed. You can gently tuck these bedside rails under your child mattress similarly when you want it back simply slide the bed rail along with the guide upright. This lightweight bed rail is 54-inch long and 20-inch tall.

The height and width of the bed rail provide high-end security to your child from falling off the bed at night. It comes with anchor straps that help secure the bed rail to the mattress to ensure stability. It is best to use if you have a twin or queen size bed.

Toddlers Safety Bed Rail 59 Inches Fold Down Children Bed Guard

Toddlers Bed Rail Guard 59 Inches Fold Down Convertible Crib Bed Guard with NBR Foam and 1pcs Seat Belt for Kids Twin, Double, Full Size Queen & King Mattress (White)
  • Suitable for any type of bed suitable for cribs, double beds and other large-size beds.
  • Safe formaldehyde-free fabric, in high density, wear resistant, not easy to tear, easy to clean. High quality steel, stable and strong, with strong endurance, to protect your baby.

For a good night, it doesn’t mean your child needs to sleep with a comfortable mattress or pillows; it means your child to sleep safely and securely. With this bed rails for kids from KOOLDOO 59 Inches Bed Rail, your child gets the support and protection from falling off the bed while sleeping at night.

These toddler bed rails are suitable and can accommodate any type of beds starting from cribs to large-size beds. The easy to check mesh design is made from high-quality wear and tear-resistant fabric. This bed rails from Kooldoo is easy to install and uninstall if needed. The metal rods are wrapped with foamed cotton, protecting your child from accidentally bumping and bruising from the metal.

Summer Extra Long Folding Single Bedrail, Grey

Summer Infant Summer Extra Long Folding Single Bedrail, Grey
  • Folds down for ease of changing linens without removal of the bedrail
  • Fits platform beds and box spring sets for twin to queen size mattresses

Want to change your bed linen comfortably with side rails for bed? Stay stress-free with Summer Extra Long Bed Rail, which can fold down easily helping you to change the bed linen. You can find several Amazon bed rails, but this bed rail is made from a high-quality steel material that is designed to last long.

This grey bed rails will easily go with your house décor, complimenting your child bedroom. They can accommodate platform beds and box spring sets for twin and queen size bed mattresses. It is 54-inch long and 21-inch high enabling your child to sleep freely and comfortably at night, ensuring 100% sure safety. The mesh design helps parents to check their kids at night.

Toddler Bed Rail 59 Inch Baby Bed Rail Guard Extra Long

Toddler Bed Rail 59 Inch Baby Bed Rail Guard Extra Long Safety Foldable Bedrail Animal Park Theme Including 1 Pc Safety Belt (Beige Color)
  • Safe and Durable - 59 (L) x 20.4 (H) inches, extra long toddler bed rail to provide better protection.

To ensure your child gets a secured and safe sleep, you don’t necessarily add a pillow beside him, but you better opt for a high-quality bed rail. With this bed rails for kids from Toddler Bed Rail Baby Bed, your child can sleep comfortably and protected that gives you peace of mind. The mesh attached to the bed rails is washable, detachable, and can be foldable if needed.

This toddler bed rails are available in high-quality beige color with whale prints on the mesh that will match your house decor. This bed rails from Kooldoo is super convenient to install and uninstall. The mesh is made, from high-quality cotton fabric that is skin-friendly, softer on your child skin, and easy to care.

Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids– Bed Safety Rail Guard

Toddler Bed Rails Guard – Universal Baby & Children Bed Rail For Box Spring &slats – Kids Bed Rails for Toddlers For Cribs, Twin, Double, Full size Queen &king bed - White (35.5L19.5H) in –By TotCraft
  • 💖 Compatibility & Universal Fit for all bed sizes】: TotCraft Bed safety Rail Guard works with any type of bed that has slats , box spring or wooden base . Also suitable for Cribs , Queen beds , Double twins , king size beds , Single mattresses , Toddler beds , Tempurpedic beds , Bunk beds , full size beds , Twin beds , Double mattress and Twin mattress.

This universal bed side rails can work with any type of bed like slats, spring box, and wooden base bed. The Toddler White Guard Bed Rail has patented fold-down adjustable bed rails making it easier to remove bed sheets. This foldable bed rail allows you to safely get in and out of the bed.

It is available in three-foot to extra large five-foot in white, grey, and beige colors. These bed rails are made from non-toxic and safe materials. The mesh fabric is durable and machine-washable, and it is made as per ASTM standards. They are easy to install without consuming a lot of your time. The breathable mesh helps in ventilation.

Extra Long Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids

Bed Rail for Toddlers - Extra Long Toddler Bedrail Guard for Kids Twin, Double, Full Size Queen & King Mattress - Baby Bed Rails for Children (Grey XL)
  • Triple-safe: The only toddler bed rail guard that secures tightly with slats and springs, box springs using straps under mattress, or wood bases using screws for extra safety.

Offering you triple safety, the Extra Long Grey XL Bed Rail will secure slats and springs using velcro, box springs using straps, and wood bases using screws. This bed rail is better than DIY bed rails as it offers 100% safety for your child. Better than the wood bed rails, these bed rails are available in attractive colors like white and grey, matching your house decor.

It is a universal bed rail that can fit in twin, double, queen, and king-size beds. All you have to do is pull the latch to easily pull down the bed rail. The flat iron rails support your child to not feel anything digging under the bed giving them a comfortable feel.

Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids for Toddlers for Queen & King Bed

Toddler Bed Rails Guard – Universal Baby & Children Bed Rail For Box Spring &slats – Kids Bed Rails for Toddlers For Cribs, Twin, Double, Full size Queen &king bed - White (35.5L19.5H) in –By TotCraft
  • 💖 Compatibility & Universal Fit for all bed sizes】: TotCraft Bed safety Rail Guard works with any type of bed that has slats , box spring or wooden base . Also suitable for Cribs , Queen beds , Double twins , king size beds , Single mattresses , Toddler beds , Tempurpedic beds , Bunk beds , full size beds , Twin beds , Double mattress and Twin mattress.

Available in three different colors, the Toddler Safety Bed Rail Guard offers your child 100% safety from accidental fall from the bed. You can buy them in grey, white, and beige colors to match your child favorite color. It is a durable product like crib bumper. These bed rails come with metal rods and mesh fabric made from high-quality and non-toxic material.

Approved by ASTM, this bed rails can fit any kind of bed such as sports baby bedding, twin, double crib, toddler bed, full-size bed, and many more. When your child wants to come out of the bed, this bed rail come with unique pull-down design for easy access. Removing sheets with this foldable design is super easy unlike, other bed rails available in the market.

Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System
  • SWING DOWN: The patented swing down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed or removing sheets

The easy to set up and tool-free design from Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail has received maximum good reviews from its user. Provide your child with the same comfort as baby crib bumper set will do. It is an extra-long toddler bed rails, which extend over 54-inch. For additional security, this bed rail is designed 20-inch tall.

The patented swing-down design allows you to freely change the sheets and your child can come in out of the bed with confidence. It comes with the latest anchoring strap design, securing the bed with the bed rails for safety. It is built with high-quality steel that will last you longer for years. If you have a bed with box springs, then this product is perfect for your use.

59" Bed Rail for Toddlers for Convertible Crib, Kids Twin Mattress

70 Inches Bed Rail for Toddlers Fold Down Safety Baby Bed Guard Swing Down Bedrail for Convertible Crib, Kids Twin, Double, Full Size Queen & King Mattress, Beige [Upgraded] (1 Pack)
  • 💗 Suitable For 99% Type Of Bed – Perfect for kid bed, leather bed, solid wood bed, kid bed, built-in bed, flatbed, thick mattresses bed, and other large-size beds. Note: There is only one side rail per package.

The innovative and safe bed rail from 59 Inches Fold Down Bed Rail is one of the best-selling products in the market. Designed to protect your child from falling this robust adjustable bed rails can fit in 99% beds. Built with high-quality steel frame, this bed rail for kids is robust, stable, and durable to last long.

Whenever you don’t wish to use the bed rail, you can simply swing down for the convenience of you and your child. This unique bed rail can fit solid wood beds and any kind of kid’s bed with ease. It is a perfect combination of safety and convenience, the mesh design is made from durable nylon fabric. The fabric used is high-density, and formaldehyde-free can resist wear and tear.

How To Perfectly Fit A Bed Rail?

Fitting a toddler bed rails depends on what kind of bed rail you have chosen. In case you aren’t aware of the fitting, we highly recommend you to get the bed rails for kids that are made with lightweight material, which doesn’t require you to give away a lot of energy. The unfixed bed rails may require little assembly. However, fold-down bed rails are easy to fit and assemble without the need for any additional tool kit.

For additional information, on how to fit the bed rails, the manufactures provide an instruction guide, which is super easy to follow. Various videos available online helps you to do a perfect fitting of bed rails. Just make sure you maintain around 23 centimeters that are 19 inches of free space on both sides of the rail for optimum convenience and safety.

Best Precaution Measures You Must Take While Using Bed Rails

No matter whatever and how safer things you use, it is essential to check the safety before your kids use them. The bed rails for kids are designed by the manufacturers keeping children in mind. However, while purchasing, make sure the kids bed rails are made from sturdy quality that doesn’t get loose easily. Keeping an eye on your child and guiding them is an essential step to protect your child.

If your kids are slightly more curious, then you must get a bed rail that comes with a good locking system. Cleaning bed rails are easy so, make sure you clean and sanitize the bed rails regularly with cleaning wipes. In case the fabric gets dirty, you should always clean them. The mesh fabric is easy to clean and is machine washable. Always check the bed rail after installation.

What is the Bed Side Rail Made up of?

It is very essential to check the quality of the bed side rail before purchasing. While choosing the bedrail, you must ensure if it is made from high-quality steel or iron. The bed rails made out of plastic are cheap and doesn’t last long like steel or iron made bed rails. Plastic bed rail may leach some toxic chemicals. Since you would want the toddler bed rail to be safe for your child, make sure it is FDA-approved that assures parents regarding quality, durability, and safety of the product.

The mesh fabric attached to the bed rail should be porous enough to provide maximum ventilation. Choosing a bed rail made from non-toxic material is the smart thing to ensure your child is safe from toxic and harmful chemicals. You must get bed rail depending upon the size of a bed.


When should you start using bed rails for kids?

You must opt for toddler bed rails when you feel your child is sleeping uncomfortably or has simply grown out of his crib. Most people prefer bed rails for kids when their kids are between the age of 6 months and 3-year-old. These bed rails are essential to provide optimum safety from your child falling off the bed while he or she is sleeping on an independent bigger size bed.

Is it necessary to buy a transparent bed rail?

Yes, it is essential to buy transparent kids bed rails. These transparent bed rails for kids enable you to keep an eye on your kids even from a distance. However, you must ensure the quality of the mesh. It should be made from high-quality, durable, and tear-resistant fabric to get assurance for its longevity. This mesh fabric provides ventilation while your child is sleeping.

What benefits do foldable bed side rails give?

Having foldable bed side rails is highly beneficial. Foldable kids bed rails provide a lot of comforts while you want to change the sheets of your kids’ bed. It can be also be used as an aesthetic when not in use. It offers great support to your child when he or she is trying to get in and out of the bed. They are super easy to remove and store when you don’t want to use it.

Where can I find the best-quality bed rail?

To find the best quality toddler bed rail, you must go through the reviews on top online platforms like Amazon. There are several brands available in the market however, this can be slightly tricky to find the best bed rail for kids. For your convenience, we have listed top-rated bed rails that assures a quality product. These bed rails are durable, long-lasting, and made from non-toxic material.

Concluding Lines

When you are thinking to purchase a toddler bed rail for your children, you become extra aware of the security and search for the most ideal choice of bed rails for kids. Indeed, you can essentially find the best product at a moderate cost by looking at the top collection that has been already listed for your convenience.

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