11 Best Portable Baby Beds 2021 {Buying Guide}

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Going out traveling with your munchkin can be difficult unless you have a travel baby bed handy. It is lightweight, can be carried out, and can be used anywhere you want. Having a portable baby bed is a true blessing as your baby can not only be comfortable but will also be safe. Your baby will sleep comfortably, irrespective of how fussy he or she is in nature. These multifunctional diaper bags are easy to clean and wash-proof. You can pack your babies’ essentials like diapers, baby bottles, toys, and many more in just one backpack. 

What is a Travel Baby Bed?

A travel baby bed is also a portable baby bed for babies designed to provide your child with a conducive sleeping environment. It is super helpful for the parents who want to enjoy going out on vacation with their baby. Babies can be fussy if they don’t get enough sleep. This multifunctional bed is comfortable for your child to sleep without getting disturbed by the outer world. If you are concerned about the bag being dirty from traveling, you must leave your stress to rest with these multifunctional bags. 

These bags are washable and can be cleaned by wiping them inside out with a damp soapy cloth. There are several diaper baby bags available in the market, which are slightly heavy. Our collection of bags are not only lightweight but are easy to carry. These easy convertible bags can be transformed into a full-size bassinet by unzipping the bag.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Bed

  • Portability: This is one of the essential features you need to look at while buying portable beds for baby. Our selective ranges of travel baby bed are not only portable but can be carried easily anywhere you want. These bags work as the best portable changing station to change your babies’ diapers.

  • Cost: These sleek and ultra-portable kids beds are easy on your pocket for the quality of the product you are receiving. Most travel beds for babies cost less than a hundred dollars, offering you the best quality, durability, and sustainability for life. You can consider this as a one-time investment as you can pass them to the next generations.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Family that loves traveling, visiting their friends’ house, or camping, feel difficult carrying heavy bassinets. But these portable infant beds are easy to carry, whether you are out for dinner or enjoying camping. They are super lightweight, and you can carry all your baby’s essentials in just one bag.
  • Material: This travel bed for baby is made with high-quality fabric. It is designed to last longer. The portable baby bed travel is also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. You can even wash these bags when it gets dirty by wiping inside out with a damp soapy cloth.

So, now, let’s take a glance at the best selected portable baby beds for your sweet munchkin.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Portable Infant Beds

Foldable and Travel-Friendly Baby Beds

All in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed

Xinsilu All in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed, Diaper Changing Station with USB Charging Port, Waterproof Multi-Functional Girl Boy Travel Baby Diaper Bag, Large Capacity, Gray
  • 【MORE THAN A DIAPER BAG】:It can be used us a diaper changing station, a crib and a travel cradle. Foldable design to make you fold it easy. It can give the baby a comfortable place to rest. Liberate mom's hands to makes it easier for mom to take the baby’s entire travel.

With twelve functional pockets, which takes care of the mommy’s and baby’s requirement from All in 1 Diaper Foldable Bag, you will find the best portable bed in the market. This portable baby bed can be used as a diaper bag to keep all the diapers and baby essentials handy while traveling. This bag can easily convert into a changeable diaper pad to change your baby diapers. 

It gives you relaxation as you can fold this bag and carry it like a school bag. Made with high-quality antifriction Oxford fabric, this bag will last longer than you have ever expected. It is a lightweight diaper bag weighing just about two pounds. The soft padding on the bag will support your spinal cord while carrying the bag on your shoulders. 

Key Features

  • High-quality antifriction Oxford fabric
  • Lightweight, weighing about 2 pounds
  • Soft padding supports the spinal cord
  • Multi-purpose portable baby bed

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed Multi-Functional Waterproof Mummy Bag with USB Charge, Large Capacity Baby Changing Bag (Green Point)
  • [ Spacious mommy bag ] : Large capacity, it can hold many necessities for most male/female babies and newborns, can arrange things in an orderly manner, can store diapers, towels, feeding bottles, baby clothes, wet tissues, etc.

Planning a holiday with your baby? Then, the 3 in 1 Diaper Foldable Bag is a must-have for you and your baby. Getting this baby travel bed, you will understand how to enjoy your trip peacefully with your kid. This baby portable bed offers a comfortable yet safe bed for the baby to sleep. It comes with a soft diaper pad to change your baby diaper on the go. 

Serving as a diaper bag, this bag later opens up to become a bassinet. You can reduce the pressure on your arm as this bag is super comfortable to carry on long tours. The diaper bags come with anti-slip shoulder straps, supporting your shoulders and back of your body. You can also hang this diaper bag on the stroller.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional design with sixteen pockets
  • Practical model with a USB charging port
  • Made from high-quality nylon fabric
  • Comfortable straps to reduce shoulder pressure

3 in 1 Travel Foldable Baby Bed Diaper Bag

3 in 1 Travel Foldable Baby Bed Diaper Bag,Diaper Backpack Changing Station,Built-in USB Charging Port and Stroller Straps
  • 🍥Foldable crib - Easily turn the backpack into a travel cradle,creating a warm and exclusive game and sleeping space for the baby.When the baby is tired,it can be turned into a crib in 1 minute.Our portable foldable crib is equipped with a soft removable baby changing mat.The breathable mesh structure on both sides of the fence provides safety protection,Let the baby have a comfortable sleep.

A super stylish travel bed for baby from 3 in 1 Travel Foldable Diaper Bag is designed with fourteen pockets. With this baby folding bed, you get two main and twelve functional pockets to keep all the necessary baby items handy. You can keep the bottles, clothes, medicines, and toys in separate sections for an easy find. The thick padded straps make it convenient and comfortable on your shoulders while carrying the bag. 

The diaper bag is super lightweight that makes it convenient while traveling. It is an ideal design for the baby to stretch or sleep during the journey. The changing pad is designed with soft material, which helps you change the baby diapers with ease. It takes about one minute to conversion of a diaper bed into a crib.

Key Features

  • Thick padded straps for shoulder support
  • Multi-purpose 14 functional pockets
  • Lightweight, durable, and wear-resistant fabric
  • Smooth and soft changing pad

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack, Travel Bassinet Foldable Baby Bed

No products found.

With its easy-fold design, the 3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack is one of the best baby travel bed in the market. This portable bed for baby can be used as a diaper bag, changing place, baby crib, and backpack within minutes. This bag enables you to change your baby’s dirty diapers anytime without going to the filthy bathrooms outside. If you feel tired, you can hang the diaper bag on the stroller with the help of two metal hooks. 

The best part about the bag is waterproof, which protects all the necessary baby items from getting wet. To see the magical conversion, all you need to do is unzip the bag, pull out the crib, and watch the brackets automatically open.

Key Features

  • Elastic strap on 16 pockets 
  • Breathable slip-resistance comfortable straps
  • Pink diaper bag with 3D ventilation
  • High-quality nylon waterproof fabric

5-in-1 Travel Bassinet Foldable Baby Bed - Large Mummy Diaper Bag Backpack

New Diaper Bag Backpack with Bassinet, Large Capacity Nappy Changing Bag for Travel Crib, Multifunction Waterproof Baby Back Pack for Boys Girls
  • Baby Nappy Changing Bags : 2021 new diaper bag backpack with bassinet design. It is a hidden foldable crib include a soft diaper pad, could be extended into a 31.4 inches long and 9 inch wide beds. There are protective fences on the left and right sides to prevent the baby from falling when turning over and play a safety protection role.

Weighing just about 2.75 pounds, the 5-in-1 Travel Foldable Bassinet is a perfect portable travel beds for babies. This all-in-one foldable baby bed can be converted into a travel bed and a portable diaper changing station within minutes. This unique bag comes with insulated pockets to keep the baby food warm. It is a must-have product recommended by several parents who have used this product. It takes about a few minutes to transform from a diaper bag to a travel bag and a portable diaper changing station for convenience. 

You can use it as a crossbody bag, handbag, or attach it to the stroller while walking. This diaper bag fulfills your requirements by keeping your baby healthy, happy, comfortable, and, most importantly, safe.

Key Features

  • Travel-friendly collapsible travel bassinet crib
  • Advanced anti-theft mobile pocket
  • Water wipeable and spill-resistant bag
  • 24×7 email customer support for queries

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed Waterproof Travel Bag with USB Charge Baby Changing Bag (Black-gray)
  • 👶[ Baby Foldable Bed& Changing Situation] 👶 - Our diaper bag looks like a simple nylon diaper backpack, but in fact, it is still a hidden foldable crib with a soft diaper pad. Make your baby feel comfortable and safe, just like lying in a crib at home. The mesh structure on both sides of the fence provides safety protection for your baby. When the baby feels tired when going out and wants to fall asleep, you can use the same ratio of shade cloth to cover the light to protect the baby's eyes.

Equipped with hooks to free your hands, the 3 in 1 Waterproof Travel Bag is a perfect foldable baby bed you need to buy. This portable baby bed’s large capacity will help you carry all the baby essentials with ease. It is a waterproof and rainproof travel bag that keeps all the baby items safe from getting wet. 

You also get a hidden compartment in the backside of the bag to securely store your mobile, tablet, and wallet from getting lost. This unique bag comes with separate wet and dry sections to differentiate wet items from dry ones. It comes with a USB charging function to charge your phone using a USB cable by attaching it to the power bank. 

Key Features

  • 16 pockets to accommodate different items
  • Adjustable and comfortable non-slip straps
  • Convenient foldable crib with a soft diaper pad
  • Both side mesh structure for protection

Multifunctional Nappy Bag Foldable Baby Bed Travel Bassinet for Baby

3 in 1 Diaper Backpack with USB Charge Port, Multifunctional Nappy Bag Foldable Baby Bed Travel Bassinet for Baby. Insulated Bottle Warmer Diaper Bag with Changing Station for Dad/Mom (Bag+Crib+USB)
  • 【Multi-Functional Diaper Bag for Mom】this is not only a diaper Backpack, but also a hidden Crib with curtain, you could use it as Changing table as well. Equipped with a baby bottle warmer, dry and wet separation function.

Whether you are going on a vacation or staying at your friends’ place, the 3 in 1 Multifunctional Nappy Bag is an ideal companion to accompany you. It is one of the best portable sleeping bed for baby you will find in the market. This unique diaper comes with a hidden crib with a curtain. This curtain can be used as a changing table to change your baby clothes. The foldable baby bed comes with a separate wet and dry section for convenience. 

It has a soft changing mat, which is attached with this foldable and portable baby crib. The diaper bag is specially designed with insulated pockets, helping to keep the baby food warm. For optimum safety, this high-quality product comes with a mesh design on both sides.

Key Features

  • Wear and dirt resistance diaper bag
  • Waterproof and rainproof long-lasting product
  • Comfortable and adjustable non-slip straps 
  • Both side mesh structure for safety

3 in 1 Portable Foldable Baby Bed, Baby Travel Sleeping Bag

3 in 1 Portable Foldable Baby Bed, Baby Travel Sleeping Bag, Diaper Bag with Changing Station Multi-Function Large-Capacity Mommy Bag with Mattress for Newborn Baby Toddler (Gray Pink with Shade)
  • 【Mummy Bag And Crib】: the integration of foldable portable crib and mummy bag is not only mummy bag, but also portable baby mobile bed. Foldable, retractable, easy and free switching. When the baby is tired when going out, it can be opened to sleep safely, which can solve the problem that the baby has to go out and sleep hard.

Looking for a mommy bag that can convert into a crib? Then, the 3 in 1 Changing Station Portable Bag is the right choice for your needs. This foldable baby bed is a multi-functional and stylish diaper bag, which can be converted into a nappy bag, travel crib, and a portable diaper changing station for babies. It comes with three insulated bottle pockets to be used for keeping the baby food warmer. 

It also comes with five compartments inside the diaper bag with concealed zip pockets located in the back. It is one of the best portable baby beds, which is easy to carry by hanging it on the stroller’s back. You can take this foldable bag for an outing, hiking, and shopping.

Key Features

  • Fashionable and trendy unisex bag
  • Insulated pockets to keep baby food warm
  • Safe anti-pressure isolation bed
  • Suitable for hiking, office, outing, shopping

3 in 1 Travel Foldable Portable Baby Bed Waterproof Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Station, 6 in 1 Travel Bassinet Baby Bed with Sunshade, Baby Backpack Folding Crib, Multifunctional Mummy Bag, Large Capacity, USB, Headphone Port(Gray)
  • 👶[CINSEA Foldable Portable Diaper Bag with Charging Station ]Easily turn the baby bag backpack into a travel baby bed cradle. It can change diapers or let the baby lie down and rest anytime and anywhere.Backpack with shade cloth: Protect your baby's eyes from the sun.Ideal be use as Nappy Tote Bag, fashionable handbag, Nappy Bags Nurse Bag, newborn lounger, travel crib, outdoor bassinet. Unisex design make it right for boy or girl. It is also a good choice as a gift for a new papa or mama.

For parents who want to buy an exclusive sleeping space for their baby, the 3 in 1 Foldable Mommy Backpack will be a perfect choice for them. This backpack can convert into a travel portable bed cradle in just a couple of minutes. It is the best portable baby bed, which comes with a shade to protect your baby from harmful UV radiation. You can take this travel baby bed anywhere you want. 

Now, if your baby made a mesh in his diapers, you can easily change his diapers by laying him down on the diaper changing pad. Not just this, you can use this fashionable bag pack as a messenger bag and handbag. It comes with large capacity pockets to carry laptops, tablets, and baby items.

Key Features

  • Exclusive sleeping space with shade
  • Two different functional side pockets
  • Double zipper design for convenience
  • Three insulated aluminum foil pockets 

Foldable Baby Bed Backpack,Diaper Bag Changing Station

Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Station,Mommy Bag Foldable Baby Bag Waterproof Travel Bassinet
  • [It can be used as a Crib, A Diaper Changing place And A Mommy Backpack]-This 3 in 1 diaper bag make your life more easier,If your baby feel tired when you go out,it can become a crib in a few minute, giving the baby a comfortable place to rest.Free your hands,Get it now !

A lifesaver for parents who love traveling, Foldable Baby Bed Waterproof Backpack is one of the best portable baby bed you will find in the market. This baby travel bedgives a comfortable sleep to your baby while traveling with your family or friends. You can convert this foldable baby bed into a fully functional crib in just a few minutes. 

You can organize both your and baby’s stuff in the 16 pockets available with this bag. The insulated pockets will keep the baby food warm and can hold the tallest bottles with ease. Forget getting shoulder pain with the help of comfortable straps. The back-zipper pocket will protect your mobile from getting stolen or lost.

Key Features

  • Anti-theft pocket to protect mobile 
  • Breathable structure both side with mesh design
  • Fully-functional crib in few minutes
  • 16 pockets for storing mom and baby items

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack Foldable Baby Bed Waterproof Travel Bag

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Foldable Baby Bed Waterproof Travel Bag (Black)
  • 【2020 NEW 3-IN-1 MULTI-PURPOSE TRAVEL BABY BAG】This stylish diaper bag can be used as a travel cot, diaper bag and portable baby changing table, or it can be used as a backpack, messenger bag, tote bag, or simply hung on a stroller. It is convenient and necessary prop for the baby.

The latest portable baby bed from 3 in 1 Travel Changing Bag can be converted into a diaper bag, travel cot, and portable baby changing table. This baby travel bed can also be used as a messenger bag, tote bag, and backpack. This upgraded model has many pockets with scientific partitions and indigenous storage space to separate wet items from dry ones. 

The built-in USB charging interface is perfect for you when you want to charge your phone, tablet, etc. This unique bag comes with a shade that protects your child from harmful sun rays. You can use this diaper bag and transform it into a bassinet in just a few minutes. This diaper bag comes with an ergonomic shoulder strap to support your shoulder while traveling.     

Key Features

  • Chest buckles to provide support
  • High capacity to accommodate all items
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort
  • Easy to a clean, waterproof bag

When To Use Portable Beds for Baby?

Most babies become fussy while traveling on a long road trip for a picnic, camping, shopping, or visiting a friend’s house. To avoid this situation, you must get a portable baby bed, giving them warmth and comfort to sleep or play. These portable infant beds act as a companion, helping you to enjoy your trip without worrying about your baby crying all the time. These beds are portable and easy to carry, as you can take them wherever you go. 

You can also use them at home as it can be a great replacement for a fixed crib. If you want to travel with these baby beds, you can do it. These beds are less than four pounds, making it super light to carry from one place to another. These diaper bags can carry all the necessary baby essentials while traveling.

Benefits of Buying a Baby Travel Bed

  1. Confined space: The confined space of portable infant beds provides optimum safety along with comfort to your baby. The baby travel bed manufacturers aim to build a portable crib that will protect your baby while traveling. 

  2. Movable: If you have used a classic crib, you will know how much space it gathers. Whereas, travel bed for baby is super lightweight, portable, and easily transferred from one place to the other. If you feel tired of carrying the diaper bag, you can also attach it to the back of the baby stroller with the help of metal hooks or straps.

  3. Hotel Use: When you are traveling with your baby and have booked a hotel to stay, asking for an extra bed can be expensive and unhygienic. Now, you can save the cost by buying an easy to clean portable infant beds.

Travel Baby Bed vs. Crib

Now, this is a unique comparison between a travel bed and a crib. 

Travel bed: Most travel bed for baby is lightweight and easy to carry from place to place. This portable baby bed is specially designed for traveling purposes. However, you can also use them at home. While you plan a trip with your family, your baby will have a comfortable bed to sleep. They are protected by the mesh structure on both sides that provides your child safety and ventilation. These diaper bags can be converted into a fully-functioning crib or a travel bed in a few minutes.

Crib: Most cribs are made from wood, steel, and aluminum. Moving the crib from one place to another can be difficult for its fixed structure. You cannot take a crib while traveling. This can be best used at your home in your house nursery. Cribs can be expensive than travel beds.


Is travel baby bed expensive?

No, we don’t think a travel baby bed is expensive at all. This type of portable baby bed is available on Amazon for under $100, providing safety and comfort to your child while traveling. These beds are made from high-quality fabric and are rain-proof, scratch-proof, and waterproof. Most of our selective ranges of diaper bags are highly affordable to buy for longer use. Apart from being so inexpensive, these diaper bags can convert into a fully-functional crib in no time.

Who needs portable beds for baby the most?

The portable beds for baby can bring you so much convenience while traveling with your baby. It doesn’t matter where you are going; this baby travel bed is a must-have to keep your fussy baby calm, safe and protected. We recommend this product for the beautiful mom’s out there who like to travel with their babies as they can keep all their essential items handy and pack them in the convertible diaper bag.

How to clean a baby portable bed?

Cleaning a baby portable bed is not only simple but super easy. Most portable infant beds available in the market are washable. All you need to do is get a sponge or cloth, put it in soapy water, and squeeze out excess water before wiping out the bag from inside out. You must clean these beds once in a while or as soon as you notice the diaper bag getting dirty to keep your baby away from germs and viruses.

How to know if the material used to enhance the baby travel bed is safe?

Our best suggestion for you is before buying the baby travel bed, you must read about the material used to manufacture a product. However, after researching the quality, durability, and longevity of the portable baby bed, we have recommended the products. Moreover, you should go through the customer reviews to get an honest answer regarding the product before your use.


If you want to love traveling with your baby keeping all the baby essentials handy, then buying a portable baby bed is highly recommended for you. Our selective range of travel baby bed is made from high-quality material keeping your baby safety and comfort in mind. These diaper bags can convert into a fully-functional crib within a few minutes.

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